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Conference Dates: June 8-11, 2023
Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction
Workshops, Classes, Panels, Readings, Q&A.

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All 2023 scholarships have been awarded.


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Meet our 2023 Faculty

  • Marilyn Chin

    Poetry Workshop

  • Megan Giddings

    Fiction Workshop

  • Lars Horn

    Memoir Workshop

  • Taylor Johnson

    Poetry Class

  • Alexander Weinstein

    Fiction Class

  • Hannah Bae

    Nonfiction Class

  • Jaquira Díaz

    Special Guest

Faculty Accolades

Recent Articles

  • Blog article featured image

    Lars Horn Interview

    Lars Horn’s memoir workshop is going to be incredibly exciting. I got the chance to do an email interview with them to find out more about their process of writing and why they were excited to teach the workshop. Immediately, I could relate to their process, and by asking four questions over email, I learned... Read more »

  • Blog article featured image

    Why I Write Wednesday: IUWC Intern Sarah Latona

    As far back as I can remember I have always been addicted to reading. I remember lying on my pink princess reading couch, picture books splayed all around me like a moat, lost on my own little island of words. I would curl into a reading ball and wait for my older brother to get... Read more »

  • Blog article featured image

    Why I Write Wednesday: IUWC Intern Zeb Demorest

    For most of my life, I hated writing. Well, I thought I did. After several bad experiences in elementary school that sucked most of the joy out of writing, I decided it wasn’t for me. I spent my later elementary and middle school years avoiding writing at all costs, telling my friends that I just... Read more »

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